Foneclay Italia | Foneclay Italia launches Snapp: Creating Mobile Apps has never been easier!
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Foneclay Italia launches Snapp: Creating Mobile Apps has never been easier!

27 Feb Foneclay Italia launches Snapp: Creating Mobile Apps has never been easier!

Rome (Italy), 27 Feb 2015. Foneclay Italia uncovers today its brand new, cloud based, app creation tool: Snapp.
Snapp enables anyone to create fully fledged applications for their smartphones, tablets, wearables and smart devices, by using an easy to use and intuitive visual environment: no coding knowledge required.

screenshot snapp

Building on the experience and successes of Foneclay Labs Creator, Snapp provides enhanced design functionalities and experience, added to unprecedented quality and resource efficiency of the produced final code.

App enthusiasts, interaction designers, design thinkers, app developers, business process gurus, IT teams and virtually anyone can now use Snapp to transform their ideas into tangible models, fully functional prototypes and final apps ready for download from your device’s application store.
By releasing Snapp to the public today, Foneclay is redefining mobile app development: from something only possible to geeks or specialized software engineers, to something even a computer science illiterate can do.

In addition to plain apps, Snapp also enables the design and creation of Android lock screen and launchers, tasks traditionally reserved to extremely skillful mobile app developers.

Snapp has been completely designed and engineered in Italy by Foneclay Italia, and their extraordinary team of technologists, designers and engineers based in beautiful Rome.

Now available in Android, iOS available soon.
Smartwatches’ faces coming sooner.

Snapp is available to anyone at:


Foneclay’s Inc. Labs creator is a cloud based visual environment which allows to design and develop launchers and lock screens for Android smartphones and tablets. Initially launched on 2013 is now used by a number of brands and developers across the globe.
For more information please refers to Foneclay Inc. website: